Two-Day Stress-Free Leadership Workshop

Date: February 28, 2019 09:00 AM

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Triumph Leader Group’s business culture and personal development experts Kate Sholonski and David Larson are co-leading the Stress-Free Leadership: Living Your Best Life While Inspiring Others Workshop in:

Williamsport on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 7 and 8, 9am - 4pm; OR

Corning, New York on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 27 and 28, 9am - 4pm

Participants will: 1) See themselves as leaders and responsible for moving their department forward, even if they don’t have a leadership title; 2) Be able to identify at least three relationship-building strengths they previously underused; 3) Take responsibility for how they contribute both positively and negatively to the atmosphere of their workplace; 4) Learn how to bring out the best in others by identifying the qualities that make each individual a unique asset to the team; 5) Learn how to minimize office drama and resolve conflicts while gaining trust and respect; 6) List personal hooks and triggers that make them vulnerable to negativity, and one or more sure-fire ways to side-step those hooks; 7) Use two or more of the powerful communication strategies practiced in the session to facilitate positive outcomes; 8) Learn the five components of trust to elicit cooperation from co-workers and subordinates; and 9) Practice new strategies of awareness to mitigate stresses and move through challenges with greater ease and with a higher level of productivity. Registration is limited to 10 participants per location. To register, call Kate at 570-723-1020. The fee is $587. See Triumph testimonials by clilcking on attachment.




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