The Monthly Board of Directors Meeting


Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce


December 19, 2023



Amy Welch called the regular meeting of the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Director’s to order Tuesday, December 19, 2023, 12:15, at Timeless Destination.

The following directors were present: Marsha Chesko, Jess Sandstrom, Kevin Thomas, Julian Stam, Charlie Messina, Tim Gooch, Amy Welch, Deborah Cram, Linn Macensky, Louis Rachiele, and Nancy Stamilio.

Members: Dave Williams, GOH; Jason Bump & Kayla Yoder KC101; Natalie Kennedy, Wellsboro Gazette; Maia Mahosky, Pop’s Culture Shoppe; Jim Tutak, Wellsboro Rotary; Claire Ritter, Penn Wells/WGHA; and Deborah Meacham, FHFCU.

Dignitaries and Guest: Shane Nickerson, Mayor of Blossburg; Christopher Osterbrook, FBC Wellsboro; Bill & Ali Maciunski, Blossburg Properties.

Staff: Julie Henry & Rachel Putnam

Minutes: Minutes of the November 28, 2023 meeting were reviewed. After a correction of time for The Burns Dinner changed to 3p.m. a motion to approve the minutes was made by Charlie Messina, seconded by Louis Rachiele, and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report (Tim Gooch): Tim Gooch presented the November 2023 Treasurer’s Report. Overall the year to date budget is still in the black, compliments of Julie’s frugality. Dues notices will be coming out soon. Everything else is reflected in the report. With no questions, a motion to approve the report was made by Charlie Messina, seconded by Amy Welch, and the motion carried.

Board of Directors (Amy Welch): Amy presented the Board of Directors slate of nominees. The nominee to serve as President is Mike Charles
The nominee to serve as Vice President is Amy Welch
The nominee to serve as Treasurer is Tim Gooch

Motion to approve BOD Slate made by Kevin Thomas, seconded by Charlie Messina, and the motion carried.
The slate of nominees to serve a THREE YEAR term of the BOD of the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce beginning January 1, 2024 ending December 31, 2026 are:

Mike Charles Jess Sandstrom Amy Welch Julian Stam
Louis Rachiele Brian Cunningham Leslie Wishard
Motion to approve the 3 Year Slate made by Charlie Messina, seconded by Kevin Thomas, and the motion carried.

Chamber Administrative Report (Julie Henry): Julie reported Dickens was a success. It was big year- not the biggest- but one of the top years. 30 + motor coaches came in. Kudos to Tammy

Mengee & her Volunteers for being “Step on” Bus greeters, making them feel welcome, that will encourage them to come back to Wellsboro. Huge thank you to the Block captains, Borough Departments, & Police Department. Your hours put in for preparation/ decorations for the holidays & Dickens, then post Dickens clean up are incredible. (Round of applause) Kudos to Julie’s grandsons for keeping up with the trash for Dickens they are looking forward to next year. Dues mailings are coming out, should be arriving in mailboxes soon. New brochures coming out- pricing included in dues mailing. If you’re interested in having your retail, or dining business listed in the guides, please contact the Chamber. We are looking for an organization to take the bulbs off the trees on Main Street. They come down the week after New Year’s. As well as, looking for volunteers to help box up the Dept. 56 Village after New Year’s. Welcomed New Members, Bill & Ali Maciunski of Blossburg Properties. Tim Gooch encouraged members to link their business websites to the Chamber’s listing, priced at only $100 for the year.

Enhancement Committee Report (Julie Henry): No report.

Wellsboro Borough (Louis Rachiele): Louis reported the excitement of the purchase of the new Vector Truck, this helps Wellsboro be independent. Crews busy learning/implementing new road cleanup featuring UTVs. Next year for Dickens adding more, benches and seating- helping people be more comfortable. Welcomes any suggestions to critique for the following years.

HARB Committee Report (Louis Rachiele): No report.

Retail / Tourism Committee Report (Charlie Messina): Charlie reported that the next meeting will be Dec 12, at 8:30 in the Chamber conference room. Claire Ritter reported that the Ontario BSA trip was successful in representing Wellsboro, she had over 30 meetings. She’s hopeful in 2025 Canadian busses will be rolling into town. ‘Busses only’ Coupon books are going to reprint- if you’re wanting your business listed, please contact the Chamber. The Burns Dinner is Sunday January 28th, 3 o’clock at Timeless Destination. If you’re interested let Charlie or Jim Tutak know. New event concept “Paint the Town/Street Painters” Where artists can sit outside around town with their easels and paint their point of view.

GROW Report (Shawn Bryant/Terry Bryant): No report Other Exempt Organization Updates:
DCNR (Tim Morey): No report.
UPMC Wellsboro & SSMH: No report.

Christmas on Main Street: Marsha Chesko reported that 40 businesses participated in the event (record amount!) 34 had ornament displays. Everyone reported positively in sales, crowds, and attitudes. Sunday’s light-up parade unfortunately was canceled because of the rain. Walking tours were successful, as well as the Messiah community sing. Three busses came in, increasing in attendance 104 passports were turned in and more sold... Zip code analysis showed increasing numbers as well. Had reports of people pre booking lodging for next year!

Blue Ridge Communications (Brian Cunningham): No report. Wellsboro Electric (Barney Farnsworth) No report.
Comic Con (Julian Stam): No report.

Deane Center for Performing Arts (Amy Welch): Amy reported that the Swing dancing shows were a success and very popular. Gift certificate sales are increasing and doing well. Introduced Membership this year and revealed the entire season of entertainment focusing on - Jan, Feb, and March.

Green Free Library (Leslie Wishard): No report.
Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center (Carrie Heath): No report.

Hamilton Gibson Productions (Thomas Putnam): No report.

Wellsboro Rotary (Jim Tutak): Jim reported that the rifle raffle raised approx. $7,000; $4,000 net total. Thanks everyone for their support. The funds partially went to the annual Foster Children’s Christmas Party. They had 30 kids aging 3-17 years. Had positive feedback from teachers in Mansfield. Dr. Richard Black’s memorial has received a little under $7,000 in his honor- what the funds will go towards is still pending. Ideas of collaborating Dick Ford fund / Richard Black towards a scholarship.

Northern PA Regional College (Dawn Hull): No report. Other Non-Profit Organization Updates

Other Brief Business Reports

 Wellsboro Glass is continually, urgently, seeking to find a permanent home. Public Thank you to the DeCamp Family for sheltering the machines while they were located in Dresser. As well as a huge thank you to- Joe Schoblaski for relocating and tarping the machines where they are now. Received grants to work on restoration and cleaning of the Bulbs – American Flag in the Penn Wells.

Next Chamber meeting will be held on Tuesday January 24, 2024. Adjournment.


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